Miracles start with the first step!

Photos of performance

Bright and lively emotions. Admiring and shining eyes. Smiles! Look, this is exactly what people look like when they listen to fairy tales.

Videos of one-man performances

I like not only writing fairy tales, but also bringing them to life with my voice. Tender and bold, fluffy and prickly - I play stories whose characters help answer two eternal questions: where to go and who to take with you?

Mono performance "Little Fox Kitten and His Friends" - program for children 3+


The girl Rita was given a kitten Little Fox for her birthday. This was the beginning of a great friendship and exciting adventures for him! The kitten got acquainted with the sea, met a frog and a mouse, a gourmet hedgehog... And each new friend told his own story.


Mono performance "Harley" - program for children 5+


Do you think a cat and a Volkswagen convertible can become friends? Will they take a motorcycle as a friend? Well, what about the mouse, can he become a friend to one of them? In the fairy tale you will find answers to all questions! And, of course, you will find out what adventures this motley group can get into!

Mono performance “Masha, Vovka and the Snow Cat” - program for children 5+


This fairy tale, like all fairy tales, timidly glanced into an ordinary house in an ordinary city. But this is where everything ordinary ended and real miracles began to happen! And all because it happened on Christmas Eve - the best time for magic.



Musical and poetic evening “Love at the tip of the pen” - program 18+


“Let you be filled with this indescribable feeling of jubilant delight when, after a long winter, you inhale the heady spring air mixed with the aroma of newly gifted flowers, and involuntarily smile at the whole World. Watch and be filled...”