Miracles start with the first step!


Illustration is a depiction of what is in a story

combined with what is not.

This is exactly how I help the reader see the story more fully, penetrate the world that is described in the book.

I drew these seasonings, herbs and fruits that are dear to every housewife’s heart for the “Let’s Feed Mom” project. And also shots emphasizing the warmth of the recipes that we write down by hand and pass on from generation to generation.

Fairy tale "Ukhtyshka - a mouse angel"

 Awakened by the smells of food, the mice go to the table to have breakfast.

But the aromas make them so dizzy that the hungry little ones, losing all caution, fall into a trap.

Will they be able to escape and who will become their “mouse Angel”?

 Author and illustrator: Elina Kohanaya


“The Ship and Its Friends”

Meet the Boat who was afraid of water, but became brave for the sake of friendship.

I drew this illustration for Elena Khoruzhey’s fairy tale “The Ship and Its Friends”