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Elina Kohanaya

 My name is Elina Kohanaya.  I am an artist, a member of the Union of Children's and Youth Writers, a screenwriter and an actress.



2008 - gallery on Kuznetsky Most with oil painting "Chinese pilot", group exhibition (Moscow)

2010 - personal exhibition of graphics and watercolors “Magical characters of Elina Kohana” Circular Kinopanorama (Moscow).

2016 — watercolor triptych “Uhtyshka!”, group exhibition “Border Spaces” ART PLAY (Moscow)

2018 - joint project with photographer Olga Smirnova: creating thematic postcards based on her portraits of rats for a charity rat exhibition at Loft Project Floors (St. Petersburg)

2022 — “Moscow in Flowers” ​​Sadovoy Museum rings with watercolor diptych “Irises” group exhibition


  Since 2013 I have been performing my one-man performances and fairy tales in Moscow. Some of the sites:

Children's film festival CAT - fairy tale 
"A Kitten named Little Fox and his friends" (Circular Cinema Panorama)
Performance with the fairy tale
"Ukhtyshka" at the opening of the exhibition "Border Spaces" (ARTPLAY)
Arctic winter festival "Feeling of Snow"
fairy tale "White Flower and Little Bear". (Izmailovsky Park)
Festival of Fairy Tales in Sokolniki Park

Participated in the “Folk Tales of Kindness” competition, organised by
SITYCELEBRITY, with a fairy tale in verse “Laughter is so powerful!” After winning the competition, it was voiced by Honored Artist Andrei Matveev.


 The workshop of cardboard decorations Made in Cardboardia chose the fairy tale "Nobody's Puppy" for installation in Artplay to help the GAV Homeless Animal Shelter and published it in the Tiranska Gazette newspaper.

Two works were published in collections:
the Ballad of the Wind in “The World
through the Eyes of the Young” and the
story “Your feelings are mutual, Poseidon”
in “The Writer’s House”.

I wrote fairy tales to order for the
Alisa Fox workshop.
I worked as a freelance writer with the
Bookly publishing house and as a
screenwriter for the children's
YouTube channel “Smalfiki”.

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Elina Kohanaya, with endless faith in miracles